Forgive for Good, by Frederic Luskin

Dr Fred Luskin is doing wonderful work in helping to bring the study and application of forgiveness to a wider audience. He is also doing an admirable job of bringing to light the truly wonderful benefits which forgiveness brings. This is an extremely practical and accessible book which combines compelling research results with useful exercises … Read more

Eckart Tolle: The Power of Now

Eckart Tolle and his writings have become a modern phenomena. The Power of Now became a number one best seller on the New York Times Best Seller list. This is a particularly hopeful sign considering that the book is really about the madness of the world and the need for radical change. The book established … Read more

Eckart Tolle: A New Earth

A New Earth is subtitled Awakening to Life`s Purpose, which naturally gives us a very clear idea of what the book is about. Eckart encourages to look beyond the noise created by our ego to that inner presence which takes us beyond our normal sense of who we think we are. This book is revolutionary … Read more

What is a Chocolate Hangover?

Oh no… Never again… Yes, the morning after… The morning after I ate a lot of chocolate. I have a chocolate hangover… headache… queasy stomach… etc.. Never heard of it? Not many have. Maybe many people get them and don’t recognize the cause. It is what can happen from eating too much chocolate. Usually I … Read more

Are you Busy Blaming or Busy Learning?

It is better to be busy learning than busy blaming. Releasing the need to blame and replacing it with our need to learn helps to create a more forgiving climate in our inner world. If we think about people we know who are Blamers we may notice that they do not seem to learn much … Read more

The Balance Dance

Depending on our character, we may become more quiet around loud people; or we may become louder. We may become pushy around people who are offering us resistance and we may become resistant around pushy people. We may become needy around independent people and we become more independent around needy people. Yet all the time … Read more


When we avoid too much we live in a void too much. When our unforgiving mind is active we can easily build up aversions to particular people. This can cause us to avoid the places where these people go and can cause us to constrain or limit our work or social life. Of course, sometimes … Read more

Afterlife Adventure – Intro

I first got seriously interested in the afterlife when in my late teens early twenties I discovered that my Great Uncle had a large stack of books from Psychic Press Book Club. Many of these books had stories about people’s experiences in the afterlife. Some of the material was communicated via mediums, some through “automatic … Read more

Making Connection: Eye Contact

A lot of the skills we need in connecting with others can be developed as we go about the ordinary business of our daily lives. It is well known, for example, that eye contact is one the main ways that connection and attraction is felt between people. Good eye contact generates a kind of electricity … Read more