How to Forgive Yourself: Using the Four Steps to Forgiveness

A short and to the point presentation which takes you step-by-step through the process of forgiving yourself. Have a pen and paper ready before you start and then get ready to transform your life.

Many people assume that forgiveness is difficult, yet William Fergus Martin, founder of The Global Forgiveness Initiative and author of Forgiveness is Power, shows that forgiveness can be much easier than we realize and a much more pleasant experience that we expect. In fact, with a little bit of practice forgiveness become so easy and natural that we would not consider living life in any other way.

Lest you assume that forgiveness is only for ‘religious’ people, not to worry. The method William shares with us can be used by anyone whether religious or not. The method, The Four Steps to Forgiveness, can be used by anyone as it does not require you to believe anything.

Forgiveness sets you Free! Forgiveness is Power: the power to change all aspects of your life for the better.