The Four Steps to Forgiveness, my most widely available book, is available for free via The Global Forgiveness Initiative website. The book focuses mainly on a particular forgiveness method, The Four Steps to Forgiveness, (initially introduced in the book Forgiveness is Power – see below) and has been professionally translated into over 25 languages to help encourage the spread of the ability to forgive as widely as possible.

You can see the various translations of The Four Steps to Forgiveness here;

The Four Steps to Forgiveness is a fairly short book of about 11,000 words. For a more in depth view of forgiveness please see, Forgiveness is Power, below.

Forgiveness is Power, offers a much more in-depth view of forgiveness and the “Four Steps” method than, The Four Steps to Forgiveness. It is particularly useful to those who want to use, The Four Steps of Forgiveness method, with clients or in workshops. Or simply those who find the approach helpful and want to explore it in more depth.

Forgiveness is Power, is published independently via a variety of international publishers and has become a best seller in China.

Afterlife Adventures, offers a unique approach to understanding the afterlife and what the typical person might experience when they have “passed on”. The book offers a synopsis of multiple accounts of people who have “died” and who then communicated their experience via a psychic or a medium of some kind.

Although each person’s experience is unique, Afterlife Adventures shows that there are common themes and typical experiences which help us to understand what happens after ‘death’ and that we can lose our sense of fear and instead be heartened and reassured by the “naturalness” of the experience of emerging into our next life in the Afterlife.

A Vietnamese version of Afterlife Adventures will be available in 2024.

International Editions

Forgiveness is Power has been published in foreign language editions (such as a Traditional and Simplified Chinese) as well as additional English editions, which have helped make it more easily available in places such as China, Taiwan, and India.


“William Martin has created an enlightening User’s Guide for forgiveness. Thoroughly researched. Hugely insightful. Very practical. I recommend it wholeheartedly.”
Robert Holden, Ph.D. Co-author, Life Loves You with Louise Hay.

“A deep gold mine full of rich and relevant information.”
William Bloom, Author, The Endorphin Effect

“William Martin has written a powerful guide book on learning how to forgive, not just our brothers and sisters, but also ourselves.”
Jon Mundy, Ph.D. Author, Living A Course in Miracles.

“I could not stop reading Forgiveness is power. What I found within it can really make a difference. If you learn the wisdom within these pages it will change your life.”
Chen Yuwen, Professor and Head of Social Work Department, Taiwan University

“Become motivated and reborn Become a person you like. This book is nothing less than a ‘practical life psychology’, it is full of wisdom and positive psychology, very useful to general readers as well as those in the helping professions.”- Lin Huiying, Associate Professor, Soochow University, China.

Very happy to see this logical, clear, solid and effective book come out. Will be of great help to many people.” – Hong Zhongqing, Clinical Psychologist, Taiwan