Reiki Meditations for Self-Healing, Bronwen Stiene

Truly excellent. This is a wonderful set of CDs by Bronwen Stiene and is relevant to anyone interested in becoming more centred, happier and at peace. What makes it so good is the remarkable way Bronwen uses her voice to speak from the space which she wants to induce in her listeners. She speaks from within the place that she is inviting us to experience. This makes it very easy, and very pleasant, to do the exercises and techniques.

Many people, when they have a microphone put in front of them tend to tense up, feel the need to perform or try and “impress” their audience. Bronwen does not makes any of these mistakes. Her voice is lovely and soothing throughout. Just the thing if you need some calming, positive energy.

I am not a Reiki practitioner, yet I found the material very accessible and relevant even just for general relaxation and self healing. It also makes a wonderful introduction to Reiki for anyone new to it, or for the more experienced who want some supportive teachings. In addition, it is a superb example of how to teach any kind of inner work.

The packaging and the recordings are of the usual high quality that we have come to expect from Sounds True, so it works very well as a gift too.

What a delightful find. I just love it.

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