Forgive for Good, by Frederic Luskin

Dr Fred Luskin is doing wonderful work in helping to bring the study and application of forgiveness to a wider audience. He is also doing an admirable job of bringing to light the truly wonderful benefits which forgiveness brings. This is an extremely practical and accessible book which combines compelling research results with useful exercises which can help us forgive.

This world needs more people like Dr Luskin who teach forgiveness without religious overtones, as that can put some people off. The religious approach has its place, but it is not for everyone. More people need to spread the forgiveness message in ways which are independent of any particularly religion and Dr Luskin does this very well. Of course his material does not exclude a religious approach, it is just neutral about this.

I am very glad I had not come across Dr Luskin’s work before writing my own book, Forgiveness is Power, (which also works independent of the reader’s religion) as there is a bit of overlap in our concepts. However, our approaches are very different and the exercises we use are very different too. Certainly, anyone who has my book can still benefit immensely from Dr Luskin’s book and vice versa.

I happily recommend Dr Luskin’s book to anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of Forgiveness and to deepen their capacity to forgive.