Spiritual Awakening: Graceful or Difficult?

A Spiritual Awakening can be beautiful, easy and graceful or it can be challenging, difficult and even painful. Let’s explore ways to make your Awakening experiences more graceful – and more pleasant.

Many of us nowadays are going through a Spiritual Awakening, but we may not recognize this for what it is. In this episode, let’s explore some of the different aspects of life which can comprise a Spiritual Awakening and, if you are finding it challenging, how you can make your experience more graceful – and more pleasant. 

Sometimes a Spiritual Awakening may happen when we are engaged on some form of recognisable “spiritual” activity such as meditation, yoga, or on retreat. Yet, often an Awakening may be working its way into our daily life via the things we enjoy; or the very things which trouble us the most. A spiritually uplifting event can be a joyful experience; such as the transcendent beauty of a flower, or other aspect of nature, or it can be when we are inspired by the teaching of some spiritual teacher. However, it can also come to us through people or events we find difficult or challenging. The experiences of life, some of which pain us so much like rejection, separation, divorce, loneliness, and so on, can assist our spiritual awakening when we learn to see them in a different way and learn to handle them differently. This is because such things push us beyond ourselves to discovering a larger more encompassing sense of self. 

A Spiritual Awakening can be very dramatic, sudden and short, such as an NDE (Near Death Experience) usually is; or it can be subtle and happen over a long period of time. Once we have had such spiritual experience, it may take type for us to be able to integrate this into our daily life. We may find it challenging to relate to the people we know and the life we lived before. For example, people who have had NDE’s report that it come sometimes take them a few years to integrate the experience. When the awakening is more gradual it is probably more easy to integrate. The key is to not focus so much on how you now different from other people or how you were before; but to focus on how you are able to share love with others and how you are able to be helpful towards others.

About Spiritual Awakening audio podcast: your spiritual awakening may be beautiful, uplifting and pleasant; or may be challenging, difficult and even painful. In these episodes we will explore ways to help ensure that your spiritual awakening is more pleasant and graceful and ways to integrate your Awakening experience into you daily life.
If listening where it would be dangerous to have your attention distracted. please do not follow any meditation practice or similar guided exercise included in an episode.