The purpose of this website is to help you find the things which I offer which are most relevant to you.

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I have founded a few non-profits which focus on Forgiveness and Rewilding.

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I have given many free one-to-one sessions and workshops on How to Forgive in the UK, India and China. For more infomation. Please see below.

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Demonstrating Use of Rewilding StickMy first big project, which I started in 2015, is the The Global Forgiveness Initiative. It recently had nearly 3 Million page views in just one year (so its still going strong) which is quiet extraordinary for a website on forgiveness. Since the project began our adverts encouraging people to forgive, and taking to a free ebook where they could learn how, have been shown nearly 80 Million times.

Whereas Global Forgiveness Initiative offers a simple and easy way to forgive; my other project, The Global Rewilding Initiative. offers a simple and easy way to plant trees (and other plants) as a way to help rewild the planet.

These projects, one focused on forgiveness and the other focused on rewilding, are not so different as they might seem as they have to do with creating a healthier, kinder and more benign place for us all to live. Similar themes run through the books, the videos I have done,  and the podcast I recently launched.

Forgiveness workshop I gave in India

Presently I would describe the overarching purpose of my work as offering very specific and practical tools to help empower people. For example, there is a curious parallel between my work in forgiveness, and my work in rewilding. In both cases I offer, a very specific tool for the job. In the case of forgiveness I offer The Four Steps to Forgiveness as a specific tool for people to use to help them forgive themselves and other people; In the case of the rewilding project I offer The Rewilding Stick, again a very specific and practical device, which people can use to plant seeds, in a very efficient and highly enjoyable manner.

Workshop venue in India

How active I am on social networks will vary widely from time to time and will also depend on my skill, or lack of such skill, in expressing this sense of overarching purpose through that particular channel. In any event I hope that this site helps to steer you towards whatever aspects of my works would currently be useful to you – and possibly of assistance to you in your own work in hopefully leaving the world at least a little bit better than you found it.


I offer workshops in “How to Forgive” to non-profits and to informal groups for free, but a contribution towards travel and accommodation may be necessary. Workshops for commercial purposes normally include a fee which goes towards the running costs of the charity Global Forgiveness Initiative. Most of the trainings I have given are in the UK, but when traveling was more of an option, I also gave a series of free trainings in Asia; mainly India and China.

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