How to Handle Difficult People – in a Spiritual Way

Transform you life by transforming how you deal with those ‘difficult people’ and ‘difficult situations’ that you encounter.

One of the keys to transforming your life, and freeing yourself from the situations and relationships in which you get stuck, is to see things from another perspective – from an Inner Perspective or a Spiritual Perspective. This means looking beyond the personal to the inner causes at work in your life. 

In this episode we look at a unique way of handling difficult people (and difficult situations) from the perspective of inner causes – in a spiritual way, in other words. We explore the possible inner causes of a difficult situation or difficult relationship. We look at how the situation itself may well be giving us clues as to exactly what we need to do to transform it. A difficult or challenging person may well be expressing the very qualities we need to develop, but in an unpleasant, unbalanced and unproductive way. A difficult or challenging situation may also be calling for us to develop very specific spiritual qualities – and once we do so, we are free…

The key to freeing yourself and transforming your life is to recognize the specific qualities you need to develop at this time. it might be dynamic qualities like boldness or courage, it might be more reflective qualities like kindness or compassion. Once you become able to read the clues in the situation itself (which is what we explore in this episode) you can cultivate the necessary qualities and then – things may well change very rapidly. Your life will open up. It is like you have graduated and can move on. New opportunities emerge, doors open and you find yourself with a much wider range of options. This is for the simple reason that once you have developed the necessary qualities you don’t need that situation anymore. 

We also explore going to the next level, which is where we learn to listen to the promptings of our inner guide and develop ourselves in accordance with its purpose and direction. This brings a deeper level of connection to our source and a deep sense of fulfillment as we reconnect to the inner cause for which we were born.

About Spiritual Awakening audio podcast: your spiritual awakening may be beautiful, uplifting and pleasant; or may be challenging, difficult and even painful. In these episodes we will explore ways to help ensure that your spiritual awakening is more pleasant and graceful and ways to integrate your Awakening experience into you daily life.
If listening where it would be dangerous to have your attention distracted. please do not follow any meditation practice or similar guided exercise included in an episode.