Shower of Power

The famous motivational expert Anthony Robbins has his Hour of Power; I have my Shower of Power.

What is a Shower of Power? Well it`s really very simple. I was looking for a way to bring more positivity into my life. I decided it would be good to find a way to use small routine times during the day (when I was shaving, showering, and the like) for that.

As you well know we spend quiet a lot of time every week on daily routines like travelling to work, lunch breaks, etc. While I don`t want to spend every spare moment of the day doing positive thinking exercises (thought it might be a good thing to try it for a while) I did notice that my thoughts during certain times of the day – especially early in the morning – could all too easily drift into negative and fearful ones. I wanted to make better use of those times.

I decided to use my early morning shower as part of my morning positivity routine. For some reason I found that I could not get positive affirmations to work well. Perhaps my shower time is too early in the day for that to work with my body clock. Affirmations seemed like too much of a strain somehow. I needed something more gentle.

I found something which does work really well. I ask myself positive questions. For example, I pick a theme for the month such as “happiness”. Then while showering I gently ask myself “How can I be happy today?” I either say it out loud (when this will not cause me to get a mouth full of water soapy water or shampoo) or just ask silently. I ask the question at a comfortable easy pace.

This has a very interesting effect. The effect is not only immediate it also pops up during the rest of the day. I become more naturally aware off things I can do, or ways I can do things, which make me happier. It start to make better and healthier choices. I get better ideas and better solutions to problems pop up unexpectedly.

Of course I might get an immediate answer to “How can I be happier?” in the form of “Quitting that stupid job for a start!”. That is fine. That is part of the process. If it comes up I let it go, or I can flow with it and ask “How can I be happier in my job?”, or “What job would I be happy in?”, and so on.

The important things is not to try and solve anything during the Shower of Power. The idea is to awaken our inner creative resources by asking questions as to how to make our life better. Pushing for answers would be self-defeating and just be more of the same.

Awakening our creativity, by asking gently encouraging questions of ourselves, allows us to begin to see life differently as we will be functioning at a higher altitude.

From that higher altitude we see answers to situations which otherwise seem impossible. We see new possibilities in life and new potential in ourselves. The Shower of Power awakens an inner shower of positive new energy, insights and choices.

Of course, it does not have to be done during showering. It can be any part of the day which is regular, routine and where it is safe to take part of our mind off what we are doing.

Asking questions is a powerful way of awakening our inner resources. If you make the Shower of Power part of your day you might be very pleasantly surprised by the results.