Wisdom and Forgiveness

Wisdom is, in part, our capacity to extract meaning and value from our experiences. The more capacity we have to extract meaning from an experience the more likely that we see ways it which good has or will come out of it. This makes naturally makes it easier to forgive. Wisdom is not an abstract … Read more

Tough Forgiveness

Forgiveness gives us the freedom to stay and the freedom to walk away. Just as the idea of Tough Love has helped clarify a healthy expression of love, the concept of Tough Forgiveness can help use clarify a healthy expressions of forgiveness. Tough forgiveness has a lot to do with whether or not we want … Read more

Reconciliation and Apologies

Sometimes we may have a hard time showing remorse. It can be hard to find it within ourselves to take the initiative and offer a straight upfront apology. This can also be true of the person who we feel has harmed us. It might be very difficult for them to admit their error, especially if … Read more

The Pain of Unforgiveness

If we have not forgiven, sometimes other things masquerading as wisdom will take its place. If we get bitter and cynical and accept attitudes like, “People can’t be trusted.”, “Men/women are just impossible”, or whatever, then this is nothing to do with wisdom. It can be tempting to assume that we have learned a lesson … Read more

Loneliness and Self-rejection

When we reject part of ourselves we feel rejected. It can be very tempting to push away the parts of ourselves which we do not approve of. Yet, I notice that when I judge part of myself and push that part away as being “not okay” somehow, then that part feels pain. Guess who ultimately … Read more

Loneliness and Forgiveness

We feel most lonely when we are not a friend to ourselves. We feel most abandoned when we abandon ourselves. We feel most rejected when we reject ourselves. Lack of forgiveness can isolate us from other people and create loneliness in our lives. If we have a store of unforgiven material it can make it … Read more

Happy Habits

Happy habits is based on the simple idea of using our innate ability to bless to help us break out of habits of unhappy thinking and feeling. We simply replaces habits, of negativity, regret, worry and anger with a habit of blessing. There are three main happy habits: 1. Bless People. every time you think … Read more

Are you Busy Blaming or Busy Learning?

It is better to be busy learning than busy blaming. Releasing the need to blame and replacing it with our need to learn helps to create a more forgiving climate in our inner world. If we think about people we know who are Blamers we may notice that they do not seem to learn much … Read more