Afterlife Adventure – Intro

I first got seriously interested in the afterlife when in my late teens early twenties I discovered that my Great Uncle had a large stack of books from Psychic Press Book Club. Many of these books had stories about people’s experiences in the afterlife. Some of the material was communicated via mediums, some through “automatic writing”, some through “astral projection” and so on.

What I found fascinating about these books was there was a remarkable consistency in some ways and equally remarkable variety in other ways in people’s experience of life after death. No matter how different the experiences portrayed they did tend to indicate some very definite and consistent laws or principles at work in the afterlife.

A few years ago my mother died and I found some of my Great Uncles books in her house. When I reread them I found them a source of help and comfort. I would like to share the material with others, but much of the material is written in a style which would seem very quaint and old fashioned nowadays. Besides most of the books are long out of print, and getting permission to publish on the web would be difficult (if not impossible).

I decided on another approach. In order to get around the style issues and the copyright issues, I am writing this book based on this out of print material. I will describe the experience which people have of the afterlife by blending different stories together and by paraphrasing large parts of the original material. This will let me modernize the material and sidestep the copyright issues all in one go.

I hope you enjoy this book and find it uplifting, comforting and enjoyable. Afterlife Adventures is available from the usual online bookshops such as and etc.