Self Encouragement: The Royal Road to Self Growth

“You are not something broken which needs ‘fixed’. Your are evolving into becoming ‘you’. Encourage yourself to grow by giving yourself self encouragement – positive reinforcement of the best in you. That way you will answer, ‘Who am I?’ and doubts about your self worth, by what you are continuously becoming.” – williamfergusmartin.com_ Self encouragement … Read more

Two Kinds of Healing

There are two kinds of healing. In one kind of healing a blessing comes to us. We become uplifted, soothed, and difficulties and blocks fall away. With the other kind of healing, the blessing is not so obvious. We feel like we are brought low, life gets rough and difficulties and blocks are everywhere. In … Read more

Happy Habits

Happy habits is based on the simple idea of using our innate ability to bless to help us break out of habits of unhappy thinking and feeling. We simply replaces habits, of negativity, regret, worry and anger with a habit of blessing. There are three main happy habits: 1. Bless People. every time you think … Read more

What is a Chocolate Hangover?

Oh no… Never again… Yes, the morning after… The morning after I ate a lot of chocolate. I have a chocolate hangover… headache… queasy stomach… etc.. Never heard of it? Not many have. Maybe many people get them and don’t recognize the cause. It is what can happen from eating too much chocolate. Usually I … Read more