How to Forgive – Forgiving Someone Who Hurt You

Transform your life by learning a unique and powerful method of forgiveness, The Four Steps to Forgiveness.

How to forgive others and yourself quickly and easily using The Four Steps to Forgiveness. This episode takes you step-by-step through this unique and powerful method of forgiveness. Transform you life in ways you perhaps never thought possible. 

The ability to forgive helps to free you from the past and let go of old pain that can be holding you back. You don’t need to worry about whether the person will hurt you again if you forgive them, because with this forgiveness method, because “Forgiveness can include ‘Goodbye'” (see book Forgiveness is Power). You can decide not to reconcile with someone if they are abusive or harmful to you; but, you can still forgive them with The Four Steps to Forgiveness.

This approach to forgiveness empowers you and helps you be free of entanglements in unhappy relationships. It helps you be free of being manipulated by guilt and shame; or getting entangled in a troublesome cycle of petty vengeance and retaliation that too often can come to characterize some types of relationships.  

Forgiveness helps you rise above the complicated maze that life can become and see your way clear to a new and better life. Forgiveness sets you free. Free to become the highest and best within yourself.