Find Inner Wealth and Wellbeing – in a Spiritual Way

There is a source of Inner Wealth and a feeling of Wellbeing which is within yourself. You can begin to tap into it and be not be dependent on others for your happiness and contentment.

There is a source of a deep and profound sense of wellbeing, and even inner wealth inside you. If you don’t know how to connect with your inner source, and access your inner resources, you may find yourself in a constant search for something outside you. You will become too concerned about approval from others and your life will become too much about outward success, and even an attempt to become enlightened can become about chasing something outside you (a better mediation technique, a more advanced type of yoga).  Even if you obtain those outer things something will be lacking. You will not be properly aligned to your own inner self and you will feel that something is missing until you do look inside yourself. The idea of looking inside yourself may make you worried or even afraid, You may fear that you will discover some horrible monster lurking there. That is only because you don’t really know yourself. Even if you have looked within it was probably only to look at your own “problems” and “issues”; not to look at your own goodness, wisdom and inner light. Until you do this, you may well feel stuck in all the usual side-effects caused by someone not living from their inner self; such as neediness, grasping, loneliness, anxiety and depression.

In this episode of Transform Your Life, I will share with you a very simple exercise which can really help you discover this inner goodness, this inner light inside you. Some refer to what they discover as their “inner self”, “higher self”, or “inner wisdom”. Some even refer to it as their “inner divinity” or “God within”, but that is a scary notion to some, so just call it what seems comfortable to you.  

About Spiritual Awakening audio podcast: your spiritual awakening may be beautiful, uplifting and pleasant; or may be challenging, difficult and even painful. In these episodes we will explore ways to help ensure that your spiritual awakening is more pleasant and graceful and ways to integrate your Awakening experience into you daily life.
If listening where it would be dangerous to have your attention distracted. please do not follow any meditation practice or similar guided exercise included in an episode.