Will.i.am – The Unauthorized Biography, by Danny White

Just like any writer of an unauthorized biography the author, Danny White, did not have the advantage of direct access to will.i.am (William James Adams). However, unless you are an avid follower of the news about Will.i.am – and know most of the story so far – it provides interesting insights into the character of … Read more

Reiki Meditations for Self-Healing, Bronwen Stiene

Truly excellent. This is a wonderful set of CDs by Bronwen Stiene and is relevant to anyone interested in becoming more centred, happier and at peace. What makes it so good is the remarkable way Bronwen uses her voice to speak from the space which she wants to induce in her listeners. She speaks from … Read more

Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can: Carolyn Myss

Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can takes us on a journey towards healing. In this book Carolyn Myss looks at the underlying causes of illness, the blocks which stand in the way of healing and how to overcome those blocks to allow the healing forces within us to be awakened. The two main … Read more

A Course in Miracles

The Course in Miracles is a very profound set of teaching based on the theme of Forgiveness. Its main goals are to set us free from fear; free from fear of the future, free from fear of other people and above all free from fear of God. It is mainly a set of 365 lessons … Read more

Ho’oponopono, by Ulrich Dupree.

This really wonderful little book, author Ulrich E. Dupree, is deceptively simple. Much is packed into it that is not obvious at first glance. The Ulrich presents Ho’oponopono in a heart-felt way, rather than in a very mentally stimulating way. He does not go into a lot of details, long stories, or overtly ‘brilliant’ ideas … Read more

Homecoming: John Bradshaw

Homecoming by John Bradshaw is a seminal work that shaped many people`s understanding of both co-dependency and inner child work. The comedian Bill Connelly, who had a rather difficult childhood, once described John Bradshaw as a “genius”. Certainly I for one had not come across the concept of toxic shame, never mind what to do … Read more

Forgive for Good, by Frederic Luskin

Dr Fred Luskin is doing wonderful work in helping to bring the study and application of forgiveness to a wider audience. He is also doing an admirable job of bringing to light the truly wonderful benefits which forgiveness brings. This is an extremely practical and accessible book which combines compelling research results with useful exercises … Read more

Eckart Tolle: The Power of Now

Eckart Tolle and his writings have become a modern phenomena. The Power of Now became a number one best seller on the New York Times Best Seller list. This is a particularly hopeful sign considering that the book is really about the madness of the world and the need for radical change. The book established … Read more

Eckart Tolle: A New Earth

A New Earth is subtitled Awakening to Life`s Purpose, which naturally gives us a very clear idea of what the book is about. Eckart encourages to look beyond the noise created by our ego to that inner presence which takes us beyond our normal sense of who we think we are. This book is revolutionary … Read more