Spiritual Awakening: Graceful or Difficult?

A Spiritual Awakening can be beautiful, easy and graceful or it can be challenging, difficult and even painful. Let’s explore ways to make your Awakening experiences more graceful – and more pleasant. Many of us nowadays are going through a Spiritual Awakening, but we may not recognize this for what it is. In this episode, … Read more

How to Forgive – Forgiving Someone Who Hurt You

Transform your life by learning a unique and powerful method of forgiveness, The Four Steps to Forgiveness. How to forgive others and yourself quickly and easily using The Four Steps to Forgiveness. This episode takes you step-by-step through this unique and powerful method of forgiveness. Transform you life in ways you perhaps never thought possible.  … Read more

How to Forgive Yourself: Using the Four Steps to Forgiveness

A short and to the point presentation which takes you step-by-step through the process of forgiving yourself. Have a pen and paper ready before you start and then get ready to transform your life. Many people assume that forgiveness is difficult, yet William Fergus Martin, founder of The Global Forgiveness Initiative and author of Forgiveness … Read more